Pharmacology in Medical Technology
(Philippine Medical Technology Course Curriculum)


Too many speculations has been going around that there will be a Pharmacology subject on the Medical Technology Board Examinations and that such buzz has been spreading for ten years now. Pharmacology subject was implemented in 2006 for the 3rd year Med. Tech. students. Now why Pharmacology? Do take note Medical Technologists can never prescribe medicines, they are laboratory specialists who examine specimens from patients. The purpose of Pharmacology is just to equip Med. Tech. graduates who plan to take up Medicine (Med. School) afterwards.


With regards to the inclusion of Pharmacology in the Med Tech Board Examinations, there is NO circular yet from the Med Tech Board regarding such. Besides, R.A. 005527 does not include Pharmacology among the subjects for the Board Examinations. Certainly still, there is no reason for Medical Technology students to take Pharmacology in the Board Exams since it will be totally useless.


Pharmacology, however, is included in the Board Examinations for Doctors which prove thus again that there’s no logical sense to include Pharmacology in the Medical Technology Board Exams and taking it twice if ever planning to become a Doctor.

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