ASCPi Review

Our ASCP review is also good for AMT, AIMS and other examinations designed as an entrance examination for each country. Summing up all other examinations appears to test you on the same pool of knowledge. We have had students who reviewed with us and already passed the ASCPi, HAAD and AIMS examinations without going thru another set of review package.


Enrollment Schedule

Enrollment is naturally open before each start of classes. Late enrollees can still join and catch up with the ongoing ASCP Review due to its Sunday only classes nature. For late enrollees, you need to pay in full before you are allowed to attend classes, you will be given access to all recorded lectures of the subjects you missed for one week duration.


Deadline of Enrollment and Balance Payments

Deadlines are usually two (2) days from the start of classes. In the case for ASCP Review which is always held on the month of August, late enrollees have at least until October to enroll to join and catch up.


Start of Classes

Schedule of classes will be posted a week after a completion of an enlistment of enrollees. Our ASCP Review is duly scheduled every month of August to November of each year.


ASCPi Review August 22, 2021


ASCPi Lecture Review



Clinical Chemistry 24 hours
Microbiology 20 hours
Parasitology 8 hours
Hematology 20 hours
Clinical Microscopy 8 hours
Blood Banking, Serology, Immunology 20 hours
International Standards 2 hours


Enrollment Procedure

Before enrolling please read our Enrollment Procedure and Policy Guideline.


STEP 1: Accomplish the requirements.

Our Requirements for Regular Students are:


1 copy of 2x2 ID photo for your Registration Form to be submitted via online.


Furnished Registration Form at Google Forms. If you are having trouble submitting at Google Forms, please see the PDF version of our Registration Form.



Payment of Tuition Fee
Full Payment: PHP 15,000

You can also pay in partial / balance format with PHP 9,000 as partial payment and PHP 6,000 as balance payment. Pay remaining the balance 2 days before start of classes.



Scanned image of your deposit slip (if photo please make sure it is in high resolution and not pixelated), or screenshot of your online bank successful transaction. Also please assure that your image is in proper perspective and not skewered or angled.



In the case you can't place your signature specimen in the Registration Form you can submit it in .jpg or .png format to the email(s) listed below.


By submitting your signature specimen or signing the PDF form it equally translates that you have read and understand in full and agree to the Policy Guideline for students issued by Pioneer Educational Review Center before enrolling. You will comply to their rules and standard regulations and fully understand the penalties involved should you fail to follow them.


Payments can be made via online banking or cash deposit to our Bank Account in the name of Nardito D. Moraleta.

BPI Account number: 009745-0096‐19
BDO Account number: 000020-1589-98


STEP 2: Submit all requirements to our e‐mail at or


STEP 3: Wait for our confirmation. It usually takes two working days to process. If you submitted on a weekend, expect the two working days beginning on Monday.


Modes of Payment:

Tuition Fee

Full Payment

PHP 15,000.00


Advance Payment Option

Down Payment / Reservation

PHP 9,000.00

Balance to be paid anytime one week before the first day of classes.

PHP 6,000.00

If said balance was unpaid a week after, an additional PHP500.00 is added to the balance.

Installment Option (For Onsite Review Only)

Initial payment made on first day of classes

Php 9,000.00

Balance must be paid before or on 2nd week from first day of classes.

Php 6,500.00

If said balance remain unpaid another week an additional PHP500.00 will be added to the balance.


ASCPi Application

Step by step procedure is usually given in lecture/presentation or video lecture to assist students on their ASCP Applicaiton on a scheduled date.


For our mode of payments please contact us for more details.



NOTICE: All Reservation Fees and Tuition Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE.

You can however, find a replacement to take your spot, turn over your receipt, deposit slip, or slot to that person and he/she will pay you in full or depending on the amount you have paid us. Any remaining balance will be paid by your replacement.


Med Tech Review Schedule
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