Payment Guidelines

You may pay your tuition fee according to the review program of your choice.

NOTE: Review handouts are free in PDF format for all students. All requested printouts will be paid for at cost price only. All review handbooks are optional, please see our Books section for the books.


Review Program


Medical Technology Review (Face to Face) PHP 17,500.00

Medical Technology Review (Online Review)

PHP 16,500.00
Final Coaching Only PHP 5,000.00



Printout of handouts will be available to all F2F reviewees in photocopy format.
For online review classes, all handouts are free in PDF format, if you prefer hardcopy handouts please request from Ms. Vivian Ruiz at +639062112260 or from Ms. Marionelle Asio at +639062112115. Please note that printouts will be in photocopy format; shipping cost will be your responsibility. Grab or Lalamove will be used if residing within NCR, all outside NCR will be ferried through LBC.


PDF Files can be inserted with comments and highlighting. You are free to use whichever app you prefer. Adobe reader is recommended. Other PDF Reader will be required in the case for iPhone or iPad due to some incompatibilty issues and will prompt a password during editing. Please contact Ms. Marionelle Asio through


Reservation Mechanics

You can reserve a permanent slot by paying a down payment of PHP 9,000.00. We no longer accept list only reservations, automatically we place list only in the reserved list that we are least expecting to enroll with us.

Any registration without payment is considered List Only and will not have any placement in our enrollment list.

You can pay at the office in person or via cash deposit, online banking, or bank to bank transaction or via gcash.

Modes of Payment

Scheme of payments are applied to both Medical Technology and ASCPi Review programs. Please see below which suits you best. Final Coaching Review must always be paid in full.


Full Payment Option

No Penalty shall be incurred even when payment is made on the last day of enrollment.


Scheme Price
Online Review Full Payment PHP 16,500.00
Face to Face Review Full Payment PHP 17,500.00
Final Coaching (Always Full Payment) PHP 5,000.00
Cum Laude Fee (Always Full Payment) PHP 13,000.00
Magna Cum Laude Fee (Always Full Payment) PHP 8,000.00
Summa Cum Laude Fee (Always Full Payment) PHP 3,000.00


Advance Payment Option

Balance payments should be made any time one week before the first day of classes. If said balance remain unpaid a week after the deadline, an additional PHP 500.00 is added to the balance. If balance payment remain unpaid, a penalty of PHP 500.00 will be applied for each week that passes.


Scheme Price
Down Payment / Reservation PHP 9,000.00
Balance Payment: Online Review PHP 7,500.00
Balance Payment: Face to Face Review PHP 8,500.00
Penalty past deadline/week PHP 500.00


Discount Policies

Latin Honor Discounts

  • Summa Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 3,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • Magna Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 8,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 13,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • If a year has passed from your graduation, your Latin Honor status is no longer valid, your enrollment fee is equal to a regular student.


Former Reviewee Discounts

  • Former reviewees are entitled to a 10% discount.
  • Former reviewee discount is not applicable to Latin Honor Graduates and Final Coaching.
  • If 10 years had passed since your last enrollment, your former reviewee discount is no longer valid.
  • Proof of previous enrollment is required (old Pioneer ID or Official Receipt). No proof no discount.


Final Coaching

All forms of discounts do not apply to final coaching.


Group of Ten Discount

  • All members in a group of ten enrolling at the same time are given a Php 500.00 less on their tuition fee each.
  • Summa, Magna and Cum Laude honors will not be counted as part of the group.
  • Former reviewees included in the group of ten will get the usual less 10% dicount plus less Php 500.00 on their tuition fee.
  • Only one former reviewee is allowed to join a group.


Payments can be made to:

Nardito D. Moraleta

0000-2015-8998 (for 10 digit account number, just remove the first two zeroes)

Highly recommended.

Nardito D. Moraleta

0097-4500-9619 (for 10 digit account number, just remove the first two zeroes)

Highly recommended.

Ronaldo Ryan B Moraleta

0915-523-9959 or 0969-321-5031


You may pay your balance payments, final coaching, or cum laude fee through here.

Please DO NOT pay through any other platform to our GCash except GCash. Do not pay through Palawan to GCash.



Please be informed that all payments made in full or partial is NOT REFUNDABLE. If in case you are wanting to withdraw from your enrollment with us, you may have the following options below:

  • You are allowed to move or reschedule your enrollment into a later batch.
  • You are allowed to find a replacement to fill your spot: You will endorse your deposit slip/official receipt to your replacement and have this person pay you for the amount you have paid (full or partial). If partially paid, this person will have to pay the remaining balance you left.
  • You will inform us ahead of time that you have found your replacement and submit this person's full name to us.
  • Advise your replacement to contact us directly, and we'll take it from there.