Medical Technology Review

Our Medical Technology Review is offered to both graduate students and advanced studies undergraduates (3rd Year and 4th Year) whose Bachelor degree/course is relevant or equivalent to Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science.

Our review focuses on the fundamentals and updates on all Board Subjects and any subject topic that may appear in the licensure examinations.


Our lineup of lecturers are composed of Pioneer-trained, RMT professionals with specialization(s), Former topnotchers of Pioneer, and the best qualified lecturers in the country with solid knowledge on how the Board Examiners conduct their examination questions.


Review Package

The review is a full course review program covering all board subjects plus Molecular Biology. Reviewees will undergo a battery of examinations on all board subjects to gauge their knowledge base and weak spots. This will provide them the chance to study on whichever subject they may discover that needs improvement. Upon enrollment on our full course program Final Coaching Review package is already included and no longer need to pay a separate fee.

Board Subjects and Review Duration

Our review hours are calculated based on stress-free topic coverage. We do not pressure sutdents long hours of study or hold them hostage to few hours lecture and long hours vacancy in between. Stress may affect student's learning capacity, cramming, and brain fatigue - hindering the student's performance in the board exams. The review duration also allows them to study on their own with all the handful, high-yield review lectures they will receive.


Board Subjects


Clinical Chemistry 28 hours
Hematology 39 hours
Microbiology 26 hours
Blood Banking, Serology, Immunology 30 hours
Parasitology 16 hours
Histopathology 16 hours
Clinical Microscopy 20 hours
Molecular Biology/Diagnostic 10 hours
Medical Technology Laws, Ethics & Laboratory Management 10 hours
Autopsy 3 hours


Enhanced Review

We conduct enhanced reviews to serve as summary review and a brush up on topics students are having difficulty with.


Board Subjects


Clinical Chemistry 8 hours
Hematology 8 hours
Microbiology 8 hours
Blood Banking, Serology, Immunology 8 hours
Parasitology 8 hours
Clinical Microscopy 8 hours



Rationalization enhances the ability of the students to correlate, to reason, to analyze, to examine and to scrutinize topic questions, learn to select the best suitable answers to all plausible board questions. It will also familiarize the students on the techniques, methods and mechanics of analyzing questions and adopt the ability of choosing the best answers.




Major Subjects 2-4 hours each
Minor Subjects 1-2 hour(s) each


Enrollment Schedule

Our enrollment phase is usually open for months even before the first day of classes to give enrollees ample time to prepare for their tuition fee payment and registration.


Available Schedules

March 2024 Board Review

Online Review: PHP 16,500.00
F2F/Hybrid: PHP 17,500.00


Start of Classes


Enrollment Deadline

Review Type


September Batch September 4, 2023 CLOSED September 1, 2023 F2F/Hybrid CLOSED
October Batch October 23, 2023
CLOSED October 20, 2023 F2F/Hybrid CLOSED
October Batch October 24, 2023 CLOSED October 23, 2023 Online Review CLOSED
December Batch December 12, 2023 CLOSED December 11, 2023 F2F/Hybrid CLOSED
December Batch December 13, 2023 OPEN December 12, 2023 Online Review OPEN



Printout of handouts will be available to all F2F reviewees in photocopy format.
For online review classes, all handouts are free in PDF format, if you prefer hardcopy handouts please request from Ms. Vivian Ruiz at +639062112260 or from Ms. Marionelle Asio at +639062112115. Please note that printouts will be in photocopy format; shipping cost will be your responsibility. Grab or Lalamove will be used if residing within NCR, all outside NCR will be ferried through LBC. Please coordinate with Ms. Vivian Ruiz for your printout copies if you are requesting one.


PDF Files can be inserted with comments and highlighting. You are free to use whichever app you prefer. Adobe reader is recommended. Other PDF Reader will be required in the case for iPhone or iPad due to some incompatibilty issues and will prompt a password during editing of highlights or comments input. Please contact Ms. Marionelle Asio through


1st Batch Privileges

Both April and September batch enrollees have special privileges that grants them the ability to sit-in to the next online review batch for free, early access to post and intensive practice examinations.


Enrollment Procedure & Requirements

Before enrolling please read our Policy Guidelines. The requirements and procedures listed below are both applicable to our Onsite (face to face) Classes and Online Classes.


We do not accept "list only reservations." Any registration without payment are not considered enrolled and are considered "list only." You are only enrolled if you have completed all the necessary requirements or submitted all required items altogether.


You may process your enrollment for Onsite Classes via online, and you may process your enrollment for Online Classes in person at our physical office.


STEP 1: Accomplish the requirements.

There are different sets of requirements for Regular Students, Honor Students and Former Reviewees. Please follow the list of requirements in the category you fall under. It is best recommended to prepare for the following requirements or documents before enrolling with us or before going to our office in person.

Our Requirements for Regular Students are:


ID Photo:

1 copy of 1"x1" ID photo

To be submitted in person if enrolling for face to face classes - this is for your Pioneer ID.
Not necessary if enrolling for online classes, but if you want to have a Pioneer ID, you may request one upon submission of your 1x1 ID photo.


1 copy of 2"x2" ID Photo for your Registration Form. Necessary for both F2F/Hybrid and Online Review.


For graduates:
Transcript of Records or Diploma

If you do not yet have your ToR or Diploma, you may submit your current school ID, enrollment form, admission letter or any supporting document as proof that you are a student.


For undergraduates: (you may provide any of the following)

  • Current School ID (preferably with indication of school year or semester you are currently enrolled in)
  • Any documentation supporting your enrollment.
  • Admission form or enrollment form.

Furnished Registration Form:

You can register via Google Forms. Please see our Registration section for more details and instruction.


Payment of Tuition Fee:
Face to Face Review Full Payment: PHP 17,500.
Online Review Full Payment: PHP 16,500.

You can also pay in partial / balance format with PHP 9,000 as partial payment. Pay remaining the balance 2 days before start of classes.


Please see our Payment Guidelines section for details. 


Proof of Payment:

Scanned image of your deposit slip (if photo please make sure it is in high resolution and not pixelated), or screenshot of your online bank successful transaction. Also please assure that your image is in proper perspective and not skewered or angled.


NOTE: we only accept "successful transaction" NOT "processing" NOR "being processed".


Signature Specimen:

In the case you can't place your signature specimen in the Registration Form you can submit it in .jpg or .png format to the e-mail listed below.


By submitting your signature specimen or signing the PDF form it equally translates that you have read and understand in full and agree to the Policy Guideline for students issued by Pioneer Educational Review Center before enrolling. You will comply to the rules and standard regulations and fully understand the penalties involved should you fail to follow them.

7. A Google E-mail account that has access to Google Drive and YouTube.


Our Requirements for Latin Honors are:


All requirements for Regular Students


Diploma indicating your Latin Honor.


Payment of Tuition Fee (Full Payment for Latin Honor Graduates)

  • Summa Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 3,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • Magna Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 8,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 13,000 (F2F or Online Review)


  • If a year has passed, your Latin Honor is no longer valid. You will enroll as a regular student, but you will indicate your latin honor status in the registration form.


Our Requirements for Former Reviewees:


All requirements for Regular Students.


A scanned image or photo of your Pioneer ID (if applicable) otherwise your Official Receipt. Assure that your scanned or picture is in high resolution and readable.


Payment of Tuition Fee.

Former Reviewees are entitled to a 10% discount

For Online Review: your tuition fee will be PHP 14,850 only.
For Face to Face Review: your tuition fee will be PHP 15,750 only.


The 10% discount can only be availed if you were formerly enrolled in our Medical Technology Review.

The 10% discount is only applicable within the span of ten years, if you were a former reviewee for more than ten years from your last enrollment, the 10% discount is no longer valid.


Please see our Payment Guidelines section for the Former Reviewee discount policies.


Our Requirements for Advanced Studies:


All requirements for Regular Students.


A scanned image or photo of your School ID or Enrollment/Admission Form. Please submit in high resolution.


Our Requirements for Face to Face Classes: (additional)


All requirements for Regular Students.


All requirements pertaining to which category you belong (Latin Honor, Former Reviewee)


STEP 2: Submit all requirements to our e‐mail at If enrolling at the office, you will be assisted by our staff at the counter and cashier.


STEP 3: Wait for our confirmation. It usually takes two working days to process. If you submitted on a weekend, expect the two working days beginning on Monday. If enrolling in person for Face to Face classes please check in with our staff for the release of your ID.


Review Offers


Review Program Tuition Fee
MTLE Local Board Review (Online) Php 16,500.00
MTLE Local Board Review (F2F/Hybrid) Php 17,500.00
Final Coaching Only Php 5,000.00


Discount Policy

Latin Honor Discounts

  • Summa Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 3,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • Magna Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 8,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 13,000 (F2F or Online Review)
  • If a year has passed from your graduation, your Latin Honor status is no longer valid, your enrollment fee is equal to a regular student. If you are a former reviewee, the less 10% discount is applicable.


Former Reviewee Discounts

  • Former reviewees are entitled to a 10% discount.
  • Former reviewee discount is not applicable to Latin Honor Graduates and Final Coaching.
  • If 10 years had passed since your last enrollment, your former reviewee discount is no longer valid.
  • Proof of previous enrollment is required (old Pioneer ID or Official Receipt). No proof no discount.


Final Coaching

All forms of discounts do not apply to final coaching.


Group of Ten Discount

  • All members in a group must pay in full to avail the discount.
  • All members in a group of ten enrolling at the same time are given a Php 500.00 less on their tuition fee each.
  • Summa, Magna and Cum Laude honors will not be counted as part of the group.
  • Former reviewees included in the group of ten will get the usual less 10% dicount plus less Php 500.00 on their tuition fee.
  • Only one former reviewee is allowed to join a group.

What you need to join our Online Review Program

  • A stable reliable internet connection.
  • A Zoom account to attend live stream lectures.
  • A Google account to receive review handouts through Google Drive.
  • A Facebook account to be added into the Facebook Group and receive notifications regarding the review. All zoom invites will be deployed through your respective Facebook Group.