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Medical Technology Review


We offer Medical Technology review for both graduate students and advanced studies (3rd and 4th Year students) whose Bachelor degree/course is relevant or equivalent to Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science. Our review focuses on the fundamentals and updates on all Board Subjects and any subject topic that may appear in the licensure examinations.


Our lineup of lecturers are composed of Pioneer-trained, RMT professionals with specialization(s), Former topnotchers of Pioneer, and the best qualified lecturers in the country.


Reviewees will undergo battery of examinations on the board subjects to gauge their knowledge base and gives them the chance to improve further. They will also be taught how to understand, analyze, and evaluate the questions before answering. Scientific and systematic techniques in studying, learning, taking and passing the examinations are being emphasized in the review. Benefits upon enrollment are listed below.


Enrollment Schedule

Our Board Review is conducted based on the months before the scheduled Licensure Board Examination set by the Professional Regulation Commission. For March or February, our review schedule is held on November and January batches; for August and September we hold our reviews on April, May and June batches.

Enrollment is naturally open months before start of classes. You can enroll or reserve a seat for the upcoming batch of whatever month of your choice the day/week/month before start of classes or on the said dates are listed below.


Deadline of Enrollment and Balance Payments

Deadlines are usually two (2) days from the start of classes.


Reservation Mechanics

You can reserve a permanent slot by paying a down payment of Php 9,000. We no longer accept list only reservations, automatically we place list only in the reserved list that we are least expecting to enroll with us. You can pay at the office in person or via cash deposit, online banking, or bank to bank transaction or via gcash.


Review Batches Available


Schedule for March 2022 Board Review

1st Batch

November 8, 2021

Online Review

2nd Batch

January 10, 2022

Online Review


Medical Technology Lecture Review

Our review hours are calculated based on stress-free topic coverage. We do not pressure students long hours of study due to overstress that may affect student’s learning capacity, cramming, and brain fatigue - hindering the student’s performance in the board exams. The review duration also allows them to study on their own with all the handful, high-yield review lectures they received.


Board Subjects


Clinical Chemistry 32 hours
Hematology 32 hours
Microbiology 24 hours
Blood Banking, Serology, Immunology 24 hours
Parasitology 16 hours
Histopathology 18 hours
Clinical Microscopy 18 hours
Molecular Biology/Diagnostic 12 hours
Med. Tech. Laws, Ethics & Laboratory Mgts. 10 hours


Reinforcement Review

We conduct supportive lectures to further clarify hot topics (difficult topics), student’s weaknesses and strengths, and bonuses.




Clinical Chemistry 2 hours
Hematology 2 hours
Microbiology 2 hours
Blood Banking, Serology, Immunology 2 hours
Parasitology 1½ hours
Histopathology 1½ hours
Clinical Microscopy 1½ hours
Med. Tech. Laws, Ethics & Laboratory Mgts. 1½ hours



Rationalization enhances the ability of the students to correlate, to reason, to analyze, to examine and to scrutinize topic, learn to select suitable answers to questions. It will also familiarize the students on the techniques, methods and mechanics of analyzing questions and adopt the ability of choosing the best answer to a question.




Major Subjects 2 hours each
Minor Subjects 1 hour each


Pre-Board Examination

A pre-board examination is given to students before they plan to take the Board Examination to find out if they are properly equipped and prepared. This exam will be rationalized by the lecturers to coach them on how to understand and analyze the Board Examination Questions the best correct way.



Enrollment Procedure

Before enrolling please read our Enrollment Procedures and Policy Guidelines.


STEP 1: Accomplish the requirements.

There are different sets of requirements for Regular Students, Honor Students and Former Reviewees. Please follow the list of requirements in the category you fall under.

Our Requirements for Regular Students are:


1 copy of 1x1 ID photo (to be submitted in person if enrolling for face to face classes)


1 copy of 2x2 ID Photo for your Registration Form (to be submitted via online).

1x1 ID photo no longer necessary if enrolling for Online Review Classes.



Furnished Registration Form at Google Forms. If you are having trouble submitting at Google Forms, please see the PDF version of our Registration Form.



Payment of Tuition Fee
Full Payment: PHP 15,000

You can also pay in partial / balance format with PHP 9,000 as partial payment and PHP 6,000 as balance payment. Pay remaining the balance 2 days before start of classes.



Scanned image of your deposit slip (if photo please make sure it is in high resolution and not pixelated), or screenshot of your online bank successful transaction. Also please assure that your image is in proper perspective and not skewered or angled.



In the case you can't place your signature specimen in the Registration Form you can submit it in .jpg or .png format to the email(s) listed below.


By submitting your signature specimen or signing the PDF form it equally translates that you have read and understand in full and agree to the Policy Guideline for students issued by Pioneer Educational Review Center before enrolling. You will comply to their rules and standard regulations and fully understand the penalties involved should you fail to follow them.


Our Requirements for Latin Honors are:


All requirements for Regular Students



Certificate from the Dean of your College Department or Diploma.



Payment of Tuition Fee (Full Payment for Cum Laude: PHP 5,000)

a. Summa and Magna Cum Laude are free to review with us.
b. Cum Laude Honors are only required to pay a minimum fee of PHP 5,000.00

If you do not yet have your certificate or is a candidate, you may enroll with us for reservation of Php 9,000.00. Once you have your certificate, you may submit them and upon submission you may be able to refund your excess payment.



Our Requirements for Former Reviewees:


All requirements for Regular Students.



Pioneer ID or Official Receipt (scanned or picture)



Payment of Tuition Fee.

Former Reviewees are entitled to a 10% discount, your tuition fee will be Php 13,500.00 only. Only applicable on the same category. The 10% discount can be availed for MTLE Review but not for ASCP Review.



Our Requirements for Transferees:


All requirements for Regular Students.



A scanned image or photo of your Pioneer ID (if applicable) or Official Receipt



Inform us of your intent to transfer.



Payment of Tuition Fee: if you still have remaining balance to pay.



Payments can be made via online banking or cash deposit to our Bank Account in the name of Nardito D. Moraleta.

BPI Account number: 009745‐0096‐19
BDO Account number: 000020-1589-98


STEP 2: Submit all requirements to our e‐mail at


STEP 3: Wait for our confirmation. It usually takes two working days to process. If you submitted on a weekend, expect the two working days beginning on Monday.


Modes of Payment:

Tuition Fee

Full Payment

PHP 15,000.00


Advance Payment Option

Down Payment / Reservation

PHP 9,000.00

Balance to be paid anytime one week before the first day of classes.

PHP 6,000.00

If said balance was unpaid a week after, an additional PHP500.00 is added to the balance.

Installment Option (For Onsite Review Only)

Initial payment made on first day of classes

Php 9,000.00

Balance must be paid before or on 2nd week from first day of classes.

Php 6,500.00

If said balance remain unpaid another week an additional PHP500.00 will be added to the balance.


Final Coaching with Pre-Board

We also accept students who prefer Final Coaching only (for students who self-review or cross enrollees)

Final Coaching with Pre-Board

Php 2,500.00

For schedules please call +63917-5038722


Discount Policies

We give discounts to any groups of ten enrollees. Please ask the cashier for further information or refer to the brochure we provided. Each member of the ten will have less Php 500.00 each.


Former Reviewees

1. Former reviewees of Pioneer in Med Tech Review get 10% less discount.

2. Discounts are not applicable to Final Coaching and Latin Honor reviewees.


For our mode of payments please contact us for more details.



NOTICE: All Reservation Fees and Tuition Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE.

You can however, find a replacement to take your spot, turn over your receipt, deposit slip, or slot to that person and he/she will pay you in full or depending on the amount you have paid us. Any remaining balance will be paid by your replacement.


Med Tech Review Schedule
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